Some of our pups from the past few litters 

Wilber LOVES puppies and is a great sitter!







 Pembroke Welsh Corgi

(Tinker with a past litter)

If you are looking for the best dog you've ever had, a Pembroke Welsh Corgi is the dog for you! If you are interested we would be happy to add your name to our "Announcement List"..we'll let you know when our new babies arrive!  I will be breeding all 3 of our young females and hope to bring 3 new litters into the world.
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We don't currently have any puppies available. The next possible litter will be September.  Email me if you are interested, we can add you to our Announcement List.

You can come and meet our adults  ~ any time!  Our new girl "Heather" is usually in the quilt shop..."Butch" is in and out..."Tinker", "Wilber", "Phoebe", "Roz" & "Mimi" (usually with Tony in the body shop) would love to meet you too!  If you come to see us outside store (Kelly J's) hours, please call to make sure we will be available.  
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Like most herding breeds, Corgi's are active, intelligent, and athletic dogs despite their short legs and stocky body. The short legs may seem to be a disadvantage, but they can run and jump just as well as any other dog of comparable size. They were originally used to herd sheep, horses and cows by nipping at their heels.



A Corgi is between 10 and 12 inches (25 to 30 cm) tall at the withers (tallest point in the shoulders) and weighs no more than 30 lb (15 kg); dogs in peak condition weigh about 27 pounds (12 kg) for the male and the females are about 2 pounds (1 kg) lighter.

Coat and color
Corgi's can be red, sable, fawn, or black and tan (tri-color) with or without white markings on the legs, chest, neck, muzzle, underneath, and as a narrow blaze on the head. There are technical names for these Tri Colors, and they are Black Head Tri, and Red Head Tri Color. Too much white is not acceptable for show dogs.

Corgi's have a short undercoat as well as a longer thicker overcoat. These coats shed continuously all year round, with extensive seasonal shedding occurring at least twice each year (as well as after the weaning of pups in the intact females).


Also common is a "fairy saddle" marking over the dog's withers caused by changes in the thickness and direction of hair growth. The phrase supposedly comes from mythology, with the dogs being used as steeds or carthorses for fairies, but it is possible the legend is a modern explanation that came after the term.


 KT's Corgis' offer AKC registered, Pembroke Welsh Corgis, handled from, easy to train, love attention and kids, many are tri-colored (more rare) and all are adorable.  



Meet "PHOEBE", "ROZ", "MIMI"  & HEATHER, OUR NEW "Puppy-mommas"


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