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Pillow Case Kits
Heavy Equipment Pillow Case
 Kelly Js Embroidery-To-Go

We now have professional embroidery
available as a service to you.

Need something personailzed,
monogrammed or embelished?
Our embroidery tech will customize
simple ready-made items you bring in; 
our service will be done quickly and affordavly. 
Drop your item off, we'll get the details and
call you when it is ready - it's that simple!

Fees start at $10
Custom Embroidery:
You can choose
your fabric for your kit!

Firemen Pillow Case

Great Outdoors Pillow Case
Wranglers Bright
Wranglers Tea Dyed
Outdoorsy Type Bright
Outdoorsy Type Tea Dyed
Pure Muscle
Fruit Ladies
On Safari